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In case you aren’t aware, the American Academy of Pediatrics is going to release a statement tomorrow saying that the benefits of circumcision outweigh the risks.  I will be most likely have plenty to say about this issue come the next week. Hopefully we can all be further educated on how unethical this trade organisation really is.  

Some things to know about this policy statement:

Not a single study was included in the Circumcision Task Force selected literature that included anatomy, physiology, neurology, or function of the foreskin. 

On page 772 the AAP states the actual incidence of complication of circumcision is unknown, and six pages later states the benefits outweigh these not yet determined risks.

The AAP discards and dismisses cases of severe complication including loss of glans, loss of penis, buried penis and death as ‘case studies.’

The AAP did not include a single study on Bioethics. 

The AAP recommends parents of intact sons forcibly retract the foreskin (which is COMPLETELY biologically damaging, equivalent to douching the vagina of a baby girl). Forced foreskin retraction creates scar tissue, and often leads to a medically necessary circumcision.

All the men on the Circumcision Task Force are circumcised.


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    As you can see, the AAP has a history of unethics as it relates the healthy, intact bodies of children.
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    And tag onto this the part where they recommended female circumcision so they didn’t have to explain male circumcision...
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