When your partner wants to cut your son’s penis

Consider that your partner may be internalising your desire to leave your son intact. He could be taking it as a personal insult against his own perfect, awesome, amazing penis that brings both of you great pleasure. Make sure he understands that not cutting your son doesn’t mean you don’t love his penis. He needs to know his penis is the best, most amazing penis you’ve ever encountered on the face of this planet.

Once you’ve established that, and your partner knows it’s not about HIS penis, then come at him with facts. With more and more sons being left intact, the ones who cut their sons are on the wrong side of history. Culture is changing, and you need to ask your husband which side of the cultural shift his son would want to be on, in 20, 30, 50 years, long after the “locker room” and adolescent teasing ends. Teasing that likely won’t even exist with the circumcision split being almost even. Cutting your son at birth is incredibly short-sighted. 

What will we tell these circumcised boys? 

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